Talent is everywhere
Do you have any?

Aurora is the program that gives opportunities to talent:
to make it grow and make it unique

WE ARE AURORA A European project dedicated to the personal growth and development of the under 20 (till the day before the 21st birthday)
It comes from the experience of Fondazione Homo Ex Machina and those organizations that are close to it, which are part of a common ecosystem: they all care about the next generations and the challenges of the future.

An unmissable opportunity for bright and ambitious under 20

What is your Talent?

Tell us about it

Marketing genius? 
Aerospace engineer?
Cultured philosopher?

It’s all about you.
It’s about your future.

We want to see you shine.

A three-year journey:
- 10.000 € in funding
- Tailor-made growth paths
- Coaching programs
- Training on the skills of the future
- Direct relationships with incredible mentors, the Wizards
- Concrete experiences with the Intrapreneurship Program
You choose what to learn, how to grow, which projects to develop.
You can freely manage your journey. It doesn't interfere with your studies neither with your job.

In a defining moment for your future
live a unique opportunity to:


Explore and understand who you want to be


Meet extraordinary mentors


Find support and advice


Live unforgettable experiences

You don't have to give up anything

You can take part in the Aurora Fellowship even if you work or study. Even if you are a working student.

The only requirement is not to be 21.

How to start? With AURORA EXPERIENCE Aurora Experience is the selection (and training) process to get access to the Aurora Fellowship. You will need to overcome three challenges:1. You will prepare a motivational letter (or a video) in which you will tell us why you would like to participate in Aurora; we will publish it on our blog; you will need to get 10 supporting comments2. You will receive a list of names to contact, you will have to convince two of them to support your application3. Teamwork: you will play with other candidates on Google Maps and Wikipedia in two "escape rooms"

The Aurora Fellows

Pietro Campanella

Roberto Ceraolo

Giacomo Da Ros

Léon De Panfilis

Gerardo Gervasio

Giuseppe Negro

Giulia Pappalardo

Marcello Persico

Carlos Miguel Ramos Cobo

Davide Ravaioli

Mathilde Romeo

Riccardo Russo

Massimiliano Ursig

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