Why Aurora?

We believe that every single investment in a brilliant young person, in the medium-long term, will increase the entrepreneurial ecosystem with new lymph. 

A microscopic action will trigger a macroscopic dynamic: a virtuous network of skills, information and knowledge. 

We train new energies and new minds for new scenarios, for adaptive and effective solutions.

Our Milestones


it's central to balance the acquired skills with the desire for new challenges


it's essential to be curious,
to set always new limits to overcome


it's crucial to
open up to the exchange of suggestions and ideas


it's vital to build projects that have a positive impact on everyone's future

Our Values


Giving is the best way to receive.

We believe that taking care of others is the essence of  being human.

Therefore we donate ourselves, our time, we give our energies.


Being helpful is not enough.

We are convinced that we grow together when we share what we know and what we have.

Each of us according to our own possibilities and abilities, with the aim to contaminate the ecosystem, to amplify the effects of knowledge.


A matter of DNA.

We rely on the extensive value of questions and doubts, of observing and listening.

We are human. We are such because we desire to know, understand and explore.


Expanding like a nebula.

We work for continuous improvement.

We believe in the importance of awareness and analysis, in the strength given by the desire to learn: the lever of continuous and wide personal growth.


Running into the future and taking advantage of opportunities.

We are in constant motion, even when we are sitting in front of a computer.

We travel, not only physically, to open our minds because we believe in the power of knowledge, evolution and innovation.

Board of Learning Advisors

Alec Ross

Miriam Cresta

Alfonso Molina

Valerio Pappalardo


Letizia Magaldi


Jacopo Mele

Chiara Castelli

Rita Caruso

Sebastiano Afeltra

Andrea Quattrocchi

Francesco Pezcoller

Angelo Bottone

Silvia Favulli

Anastasia Esther Murano

Francesco Battocletti


Vincenzo Tripodi

Aina Turillazzi

Aina Turillazzi

Advisory Board

Roberto Pagani

Enrico Bruschini

Alberto Garrone

Fabrizio Gallante

Gian Luca Comandini

Andreina Serena Romano

Luca La Mesa

Michele Franzese

Mauro Maltagliati

andrea mei

Andrea Mei

Andrea Pietrini

fabio capuano

Fabio Panunzi Capuano

Emiliano Resta

Vincenzo Vietri

Gregorio Dal Pozzo

Antonio Perdichizzi

Vincenzo Salvati

Michele Panza

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